Solar Mobile Tower Light

Guaranteed Efficiency and Portable Solar Lighting

Our solar tower lights are based on quality standards and design to be flexible in different options to fit with according to requirement. The design is suitable for lighting railways, public security and all kinds of construction works, very compact, efficient and renewable energy lighting solution wherever you need portable lighting.

The Design is versatile and economical to provide excellent lighting solutions especially for night applications such as construction site, mining site, event/gathering, railway projects and others.

Engineered Design portable lighting solutions to work in the sites and contractors project filed. Very useful for night working at remote area and crowded area for its silent operation and where electricity is not available.


ü Fitted with Surveillance Digital Camera for either remote monitoring or save option

ü Advance high-resolution camera capturing

ü Long Distance Video Coverage

ü Automatic on/off lighting sensor with manual on/off switch

ü Adjustable lighting intensity for longer working time hours

ü High Lumen Efficacy for night constructions and etc

ü Optional Telescopic Mast Height with high load bearing

ü Options in Lighting design according to requirement

ü Strong outriggers

ü High Effective Solar Panels

ü Hydraulic Adjustable Angles

ü Optional Backup Gasoline/Diesel Generator

ü Efficient LED Lights

ü Easy Maintenance and economical

ü Light Bar Rotation of almost 3600

ü Guaranteed Working Time of up to 26 Hrs at full Lumen (without charging)